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Nature provides the most incredible preventative medicine and natural remedies for us, we just need to learn how to use them again. The ingredients listed in this health guide are recommended for their health benefits. Research shows that the conditions cited can benefit from a diet rich in the foods tagged. Explore the nutrients your body needs for optimal health and understand the link between vitamin deficiency and ailments. Spiritual attributes allows you to explore food options based on affirmations, learn Ayurvedic principals, cook to inspire your chakras or capture the energy of an astrology sign.
Explore the comprehensive health directory to learn more about natural foods.

Make a mess in the kitchen with Messy Apron recipes. These recipes are developed to be prepared instinctively and you are encouraged to adjust the seasoning along the way to suite your taste.

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Explore how a diet rich in natural foods promotes health in your body.

Become aware of the vital minerals and vitamins needed by your body for optimal health.

Research common ailments and the benefits offered by a diet rich in natural foods as either complementary medicine or as a preventative.

Explore food choices based on word affirmations, meditations, the energy of astrology signs, eat to inspire your chakras or cook based on Ayurvedic principals.

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