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Burdock Root  Arctium lappa
The root of the burdock plant that has an earthy flavor with a slight hint of licorice and a crunchy texture. It can be consumed like a root vegetable or dried to use medicinally in hot teas. The fresh root can be purchased in most international markets.

Contains properties that flush excess fluid out of the body carrying toxins from various organs. This powerful cleaner uses this process to purify the the blood stream, stimulate the removal of acid and cleanses the liver by promoting the release of bile.

Counters the effects of excessive sugar, alcohol and drug use. Removes heavy metal from the body.

Popular in macrobiotic diets because of its grounding ability and it is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Has a history of being used as an antidote for poisoning.

Rich in phytochemicals that kill certain types of fungi and bacteria.

Believed to be a powerful cancer fighter and that it contains anti-tumor medicinal qualities.

Native to Asia.

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