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Dragon Fruit  Hylocereus undatus
An intensely red colored fruit from a cactus plant. It has white or pink sweet tasting flesh with hundreds of tiny black seeds.

Aids in the detoxification of the body by stimulating the removal of heavy metals from the tissue.

Rich in nutrients that stimulate healthy tissue formation and strong bones.

Hydrates the body quickly.

Also known as pitaya. Native to South America.

Do not eat the skin. Consume by cutting in half and scooping out the flesh with a spoon.
Health Conditions

The Health Conditions listed below have been shown to benefit (whether as complementary medicine or as a preventative) from a diet rich in Dragon Fruit:
•  Acne
•  Asthma
•  Cancer
•  Cold
•  Cough
•  Dehydration
•  Eyesight
•  Heart Disease
•  Hypertension
•  Memory Problems
•  Obesity
•  Skin Disorders
•  Type II Diabetes
•  Weight Loss


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