Garlic  Allium sativum
The healthiest ingredient on this planet due to its medicinal properties. Universally cultivated and prized since ancient times.

Contains high levels of sulfur compounds which aids in detoxing the body.

Stimulates the body to produce the antioxidant glutathione which is known to block over 25 different carcinogens.

A natural antibiotic and antihistamine.

Contains substances that increase metabolism.

Removes heavy metals from the body.

Stimulates the white blood cells that attack cancer cells.

Raw garlic contains more health benefits; for medicinal use, consume 3 raw cloves a day.

It supports the development of natural bacterial flora in the digestive tract while killing pathogens.

Studies show that garlic is effective at preventing cancer development.

For microbial infections take 3 cloves of raw garlic a day with 2 cups of echinacea based tea and juice of 1 lemon.

To use as a powerful antiseptic, mash into a paste and apply directly.


The following Recipes contain the ingredient Garlic:
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•  Avocado Salsa
•  Baba Ghanoush
•  Bean Soup
•  Beef and Barley Slow Cooker Stew
•  Black Bean Soup
•  Black eyed Pea Salsa
•  Broccoli and Potato Curry
•  Buddhas Hot Sauce
•  Burdock Root Detox Soup
•  Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese
•  Cabbage Soup-Love Your Boobs
•  Caribbean Black Beans
•  Carrot Chips
•  Cashew Broccoli Soup
•  Celery Root with Hazelnut Sauce
•  Chestnut Stuffing
•  Chicken and Sweet Potato Meatballs
•  Cilantro Chutney
•  Cilantro Pesto
•  Cilantro Sauce
•  Cocktail for a Sore Throat or Strep
•  Coconut Milk Dressing
•  Cold Remedy
•  Corn Salsa
•  Creole Scallops
•  Crockpot BBQ Chicken
•  Curried Pumpkin
•  Dahl (Lentil Curry)
•  Detox Nettle Soup
•  Detox Soup
•  Dirty Rice
•  Garden Pasta or Bruschetta
•  Garlic Shrimp
•  Garlic Vodka Elixir
•  Gazpacho
•  Ginger Sesame Shrimp
•  Grandmas Roasted Chicken
•  Greek Tomato Sauce
•  Greek Yogurt Dressing
•  Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic
•  Grilled Kale
•  Grilled Lamb with Mint Pesto
•  Guacamole
•  Gypsy Salad
•  Harissa Spice Mix
•  Hawaiian Chicken or Pork
•  Hemp Seed Hummus
•  House Dressing
•  Hummus
•  Hummus Yogurt Dressing
•  Hungarian Beef Goulash
•  Island Stir Fry
•  Italian Vinaigrette
•  Jalapeno Butter
•  Jambalaya (Vegetarian)
•  Lemon Asparagus
•  Lentil Salad
•  Lentil Spaghetti
•  Lentil Veggie Soup
•  Lime Oregano Garlic Marinade
•  Mango Salsa
•  Mango Tamarind Chutney
•  Maple Syrup & Mustard Vinaigrette
•  Microbial Infections
•  Miso Marinade
•  Moorish Spice Rub
•  Moroccan Pumpkin and Chickpeas
•  Mountain Health Tonic
•  Moussaka
•  Onion Cough Syrup
•  Paprika Sauce
•  Peanut Sauce
•  Peanut Soup
•  Pesto
•  Pickled Okra
•  Pineapple Vinaigrette
•  Pistachio Dressing
•  Portuguese Beans and Roasted Garlic
•  Potato Leek Curry
•  Pumpkin Seed Sauce
•  Quinoa and Squash Cakes
•  Quinoa Tabbouli
•  Raw Cashew Nut Cheese
•  Raw Nut Sandwich Spread
•  Red Pepper Sauce
•  Rice Pilaf
•  Roasted Cherry Tomato and Bread Salad
•  Roasted Chickpeas
•  Roasted Herb New Potatoes
•  Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and Cherry Tomatoes
•  Roasted Potatoes
•  Roasted Radishes with Parsley Butter
•  Romesco Sauce
•  Rosemary Leek Smashed Potatoes
•  Salsa
•  Sesame Chicken
•  Shiitake Mushrooms & Lentils
•  Slow Roasted Pork Roast
•  Snowpeas and Rice Noodles with Peanut Sauce
•  Sore Throat Remedy
•  Southern Greens
•  Spaghetti Squash in Spicy Tomato Sauce
•  Spanish Baked Fish
•  Spanish Fava Beans
•  Spanish Saffron Sauce
•  Spice Islands Marinade
•  Spiced Dal (Lentils)
•  Spiced Yams
•  Spiced Yogurt Marinade
•  Strawberry Vinaigrette
•  Sun-dried Tomatoes, Goat Cheese & Walnut Pasta
•  Sweet Potato Cakes with Greens
•  Sweet Potato Curry
•  Sweet Potato Rutabaga Kale Stew
•  Sweet Potato Shepherd Pie
•  Swiss Chard and Chickpeas
•  Tabbouleh
•  Tamarind Chili Sauce
•  Thai Papaya and Pineapple Noodle Salad
•  Thai Peanut Marinade
•  Thai Satay Marinade
•  Three Bean Salad
•  Tomato Caprese Salad
•  Tomato Chutney
•  Tomato, Roasted Pepper and Yogurt Cheese Salad
•  Traditional Hummus
•  Traditional Tzatziki
•  Vegetarian Chili
•  Vinegar BBQ Sauce (Eastern NC)
•  Walnut Sausage (Vegan)
•  Watercress and Soba Noodle Salad
•  Watercress Pesto
•  White Bean Hummus with Basil Oil
•  Yogurt Cucumber Sauce


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