Nutmeg  Myristica fragrans
A prized seed derived from a fruit that is similar to apricots. It has a nutty, sweet and savory flavor. Nutmeg is often paired with cinnamon because it enhances its flavor.

Stimulates the brain, heart and circulatory system.

Boosts serotonin levels which relax the body.

Contains properties that fight infection.

To relieve diarrhea, mix several pinches of freshly ground nutmeg with warm milk and drink.

Always grate fresh nutmeg for optimal flavor.

Native to the Banda Islands. A highly prized spice during the Middle Ages and was exclusively imported to Europe by Arabs traders. They controlled the trade route and kept the location of the Banda Islands secret.

Caution: Safely consumed in small doses but there is a warning that consuming more than 2 whole cloves is poisonous and can cause death.

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