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Potato  Solanum tuberosum
One of the richest sources of B-complex vitamins.

Cleanses the kidneys and aids in the removal of uric acid.

Neutralizes stomach acid and reduces heartburn.

Potatoes bind to toxins in the body and aid in their removal.

The high levels of magnesium in potatoes acts as a kidney stone preventative. Magnesium halts the accumulation of deposits of calcium in the kidneys.

Use raw potato slices on bruises, wounds, insect bites, skin inflammations and arthritis.

A hot tea brewed from potato peelings is an excellent tonic for the gallbladder and the liver.

Drinking the fresh juice of a potato will heal stomach ulcers.

Native to South America.

Caution: Never use potatoes with a green hue to them, these are toxic to the body and can be poisonous.

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