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Types of sprouts include mung bean, radish, clover, alfalfa, beans, broccoli, lentil, mung bean, pea, sunflower, millet, pea radish, fenugreek, cabbage, mustard seed and quinoa.

Choose fresh, plump sprouts. Old sprouts are brownish in color and stringy.

Rich in enzymes.

Protects DNA by aiding in the prevention of cell mutation.

Improves hormone balance and thyroid function.

Broccoli sprouts have 20 times more cancer-fighting properties than the mature plants.

Quick sprouting:
1/4 cup dried beans for sprouting=about 3-4 cups sprouts

Wash the seeds, cover in clean water and leave to soak overnight. Drain the seeds and place in a clean 1 quart jar. Cover with cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band. Leave the jar on its side, in a dark place out of the sunlight. Twice a day remove sprouts, rinse in water, drain and return to the jar. Change the cheesecloth daily or purchase a sprout jar cover. In about 4 days, the sprouts should be 2 inches long and should be ready to eat.

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