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Natural Farmacy: Health Guide: Ingredients: Watercress: Health Benefits

Watercress  Nasturtium officinale
One of the oldest known leaf vegetables cultivated by humans. Naturally improves the complexion and is the best ingredient for those interested in anti-aging.

The fresh juice is beneficial for those with lung complaints.

Rich in iron which stimulates red blood cells to carry oxygen to your body's tissues.

Regulates the flow of bile.

For medicinal use: drink the fresh juice daily until symptoms subside.

Chew fresh watercress for fresh breath and for healthy teeth and gums.

Choose fresh, plump leaves and stems. Do not purchase a bunch that has yellow leaves. Soak thoroughly in water before use.

The plant grows along the banks of streams and rivers. It is characterized by small leaves and for having a pungent, peppery, mustard flavor.

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