The Messy Pantry

Homemade Yogurt Is Better

  The art of making yogurt is simple: all you need is a good starter culture, an environment that provides a stable and appropriate temperature and clean equipment so you get the proper cultures growing. As “easy” as this sounded, I still purchased my yogurt at the farmers market or organic at the grocery store. &hellip Continue reading »

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Preserving the harvest

Harvest time, regardless of the season or the ingredient, really excites me. Seasonal, nutritional dense food bursting with flavor in abundance and its usually being sold at a great bargain.  I have a local farmer who sells me peaches at peak season for 10 bucks a bushel, apples for 15 bucks a bushel and 2 &hellip Continue reading »

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Freezing the harvest makes me jump for joy!

Thanks to Ball Plastic 8-Ounce Freezer Jars that are now BPA-Free!! How wonderful is that?

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Favorite Pantry Staples

Steelcut Organic  Oats-These are a must for any healthy pantry. The perfect breakfast food, just mix with fruits and nuts. Normally found as a dry good, the ones in the image above are from the frozen section at Trader Joe’s and are ready to go in minutes. Canned organic pumpkin and butternut squash-These form the &hellip Continue reading »

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