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A blissful world for me would include a sprawling farm, more chickens, fields filled with seasonal produce and learning the art of making my own daily bread. My dream is to one day be 100% sustainable from seed to plate. I believe food is your medicine and eating pure, traditional, real food is the most crucial thing we can do for our health.  The recent food scares convince me that our food supply is dirty and filled with disease causing agents. As a society as a whole, I think we have forgotten what real food really is. We are slowly being poisoned and have become over-medicated and over-stimulated on our over-processed food.

The truth is: not all of us have the freedom to be 100% sustainable nor have the time to prepare food from seed to plate. It is essential, when shopping for ingredients to choose the healthiest version of the product that you can afford, with the most natural ingredients and the least harmful methods of processing. Purchase the very best local, seasonal and organic ingredients you can afford. But it is alright to make allowances. It’s better to purchase the out of season, conventional oranges over the bag of chips. Local produce in season is going to taste divine, will be cheaper, higher in nutritional value and can be frozen for later use. Buy the best you can afford because it is worth it.

Real food taste good and keeps us healthy. A food filled with unrecognizable synthetic chemicals made in a lab is not substance for the body. Salt, high fructose corn syrup, food additives, food dyes, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers all should be avoided whenever possible as they can make you sick and fat. Revive your taste buds and save them from their enslavement to salt, fat, sugar and a host of other chemicals. Nothing slows your immune system like the sugar, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics used in commercial food production.

Educate yourself and listen to your intuition as to what your body needs. Explore the Natural Farmacy health guide to determine what natural foods are beneficial for certain conditions. Take the time to understand the nutrients your body needs for optimal health and the link between vitamin deficiency and ailments.

My food for thought

Be inspired…

…to eat a diet based on natural, real food that promotes health and that tastes good. A food filled with unrecognizable synthetic chemicals made in a lab is not substance for the body and will not sustain health; it only makes you sick, tired and fat.

…to explore a plant-based diet because it is healthier for you and for the planet. Go to the farmers market and meet the person who grows your food. Plant a garden. Homestead. Eat with the seasons and learn how to eat intuitively again.

…to be a conscious eater. When you do consume animal-based products, take the time to talk to your local farmers. They can educate you on whether it was: humanely raised in a clean environment, on a natural organic diet for that species, free-range, free of antibiotics and hormones.

…to experience the cultures of people around the world through their food.

And most importantly …to become a conscious eater in a sustainable way that works for you because there is no guilt in eating real foods. All things can be enjoyed in moderation.

Natural Farmacy promotes a holistic attitude in mind, body and spirit. It was established with the goal of developing a resource to explore and honor traditional foods in their most natural state. As a society as a whole, we have forgotten what real food really is. We have lost touch with where our food comes from and the importance of communal eating with our loved ones. We have become over-medicated and over-stimulated on our over-processed foods. This food renegade aims to bring back Sunday dinners, inspire others to go get local at the farmers market, get dirty on a farm, get messy in the kitchen and to go read some Michael Pollan.

Tricia Vevurka, a food naturalist, who is always striving for balance between her deep appreciation for international ingredients and local food advocacy, received her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University’s online school and holds a B. S. in Cultural Anthropology from Radford University. She resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband and furry kids where she is passionate about eco-sustainable lifestyle choices, frequently travels internationally via her cooking, works her urban farm and can always be found at the local farmers market.

Did you notice those phenomenal, mouth-watering images on the website? They are the work of my renegade photographer, Aaron Webster. Stay tuned for more of his work and for his website but in the meantime catch his ramblings on Twitter @aw3bst3r.

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