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Cilantro Pesto for Heavy Metal Removal

Eating fresh cilantro is an excellent way to remove heavy metals from the body. Properties in cilantro binds with mercury, lead, and aluminum in the tissue and is excreted in the urine. Research supporting this can be read here. The dosage is two tablespoons a day for two to three weeks but in my opinion &hellip Continue reading »

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For centuries, cultures all of the world have practiced the act of  fasting for spiritual and purifying reasons. The idea of withholding food from the body leads to clarity,a  healthier body and brighter intuition. A traditional fast consists of water or juice for an extended period of time. A one day juice fast is an &hellip Continue reading »

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Baby steps to detoxification

Our bodies need a period of rejuvenation due to the pollution of our environments, the chemicals in our food and the stress in our lives. A seasonal detox based on local in season foods that includes juicing, walking, yoga and meditation all contribute to the body’s ability to detox itself of poisons, chemicals as well &hellip Continue reading »

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Juicing For Vitality

Vegetables and fruits are loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other chemical properties that are in their purest form that protect against dis-ease in the body. The vitality one feels when from fresh juice is because your body is able to rapidly absorb this dense amount of body restoring chemicals in a raw state with &hellip Continue reading »

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